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A Letter from our Chairman & CEO

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Dear GCI Customers and Partners,

Does your organization have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place?  Global Convergence, Inc. (GCI) is communicating ours with clients that have reached out to ask for information on any potential impacts from the Coronavirus, and we would like to share our plan with you.

While our primary objective in dealing with the rapidly changing circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic is to ensure the health and safety of our team and our customers, our BCP does evaluate potential business impact in terms of business disruptions, infrastructure failures and the availability of human resources to address such challenges in a coordinated and logical fashion.

GCI’s BCP Strategy

  • GCI has a robust (tested and proven) BCP in place that addresses systems and centralized delivery resources (NOC and Back Office). This includes redundant systems and facilities, off-site systems at a co-located facility and the ability to operate all systems and functions remotely.
  • GCI has employed a dynamic sourcing model for some time now with our global service delivery fabric and four Center of Excellence locations worldwide. The dynamic sourcing model for client site service delivery provides inherent human capital logistics redundancy including thousands of Authorized Engineers around the world that provide resource diversity and also headcount redundancy for our IPMO, NOC and Call Centers.  All client sites with SLAs have multiple Authorized Partners (SLA Partners) assigned.

GCI’s overall Business Continuity Plan is tested cyclically in rotation around the globe and has recently been activated several times due to weather-related events.  Our NOC locations in the USA (Florida) and Romania (Cluj-Napoca) are integrated to provide full redundancy.  All GCI systems and processes are able to be remotely operated.

As always, GCI stands ready to support you with the same degree of agility, professionalism and care that you’ve come to expect from us.

Let us know how we can help.


Jim Bradshaw
Global Convergence, Inc.

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