Data Center Solutions & Architecture

Data Center Solutions begin with an overall architectural vision for the realization of Digital Transformation Goals.

GCI has partnered with top leaders in Data Center Solutions to cover key aspects of our customer’s transformation goals; here are a few.

Hybrid Multi-cloud Environment

As a member of the Equinix Partner Program, GCI can offer you the full suite of Equinix solutions, all aimed at increasing performance, enhancing stakeholder access and strengthening your security posture in today’s hybrid multi-cloud environment.

  • Interconnection Oriented Achitecture
  • Network Blueprint
  • Hybrid Multi-cloud Blueprint
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Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

Data Center effectiveness for Digital Transformation may be dramatically enhanced via Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI). This architecture combines previously separate compute, storage, virtualization and networking that will enhance the performance and flexibility of virtually any application. Through our partnership with Nutanix, Global Convergence can bring these solutions to help meet your Digital Transformation objectives.

  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure
  • Top 10 Reasons for Enterprise Applications

Data Center Fabric

Adoption of Hyperconverged Infrastructure necessitates a Data Center Network Fabric architecture that scales to the changes in traffic patterns and volume that result. Global Convergence is partnered with Big Switch Networks to deliver Data Center Fabric solutions specifically designed for integration with the Nutanix HCI.

Recognized by Gartner as a Visionary for Data Center Networking, Big Switch Networks offers a leading, open disaggregated Data Center Fabric solution.  Scaling the data center network using Big Switch Big Cloud Fabric offers Total Cost of Ownership savings of 50% or more versus conventional solutions.

Learn more about the Big Switch, Nutanix solution brief for scaling your HCI and data center networks.

Big Cloud Fabric for HCI

Performance and Security are two major concerns in a Digital Transformation strategy, particularly in Hybrid Multi-cloud environments. Enterprises typically rely on a range of tools to monitor and report actionable events that may impact performance and security. All of these tools rely on comprehensive visibility of application traffic, whether destined for enterprise data centers or cloud services.

  • Application Performance Management (APM)
  • Network Performance Management (NPM)
  • Advanced Persistent Threat Protection
  • Intrusion Prevention and Detection
  • Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
  • Security Analytics
  • Forensics
  • SIEM

The Big Switch Big Monitoring Fabric provides an excellent Traffic Visibility solution that is ideally suited for the Hybrid Multi-cloud architectures of the Digital Transformation era. Like the Big Cloud Fabric, it is an open, disaggregated solution that may be deployed readily in economical white box hardware and distributed to multiple VMs in geographically dispersed private, hybrid and cloud computing environments.

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