Big Switch Networks

Big Switch Networks reminds us that “the cloud isn’t a location; it’s a set of design principles.”   GCI agrees and the innovative solutions offered by Big Switch Networks is what makes them one of our Featured Disruptors.

Let’s start with traditional, more antiquated Data Center infrastructures using proprietary systems that often include multiple OEM vendors and legacy technologies that can create several unique challenges for businesses such as:

  • Complex and slow operations
  • Inadequate visibility
  • Lack of operational consistency
  • Lack of support

Recognized by Gartner as a Visionary for Data Center Networking, Big Switch Networks offers a leading, open, dis-aggregated Data Center Fabric solution that addresses these challenges and more!

The Big Switch Big Monitoring Fabric provides an excellent Traffic Visibility solution that is ideally suited for the Hybrid Multi-cloud architectures of the Digital Transformation era.  The next generation NPB, Big Monitoring Fabric enables pervasive security and monitoring of network traffic.  It’s easy to use, highly scalable and can be designed and implemented for Enterprise Cloud (OOB or InLine) and utilizing Public Cloud environments (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud).

See 100%.  Secure 100%.   Save 50%

Scaling the data center network using Big Switch Big Cloud Fabric offers Total Cost of Ownership savings of 50% or more versus conventional solutions.  

Big Mon Public Cloud requires no hardware or software features from the public cloud provider other than a VPC, and uses a local, dedicated, secure VPC-based network packet broker for centralized packet-based monitoring of all VPCs within the user’s public cloud account.  Keeps traffic local for reduced cost and security advantages and integrates with the Big Switch Networks Multi-Cloud Director for centralized hybrid cloud management.  Get the Datasheet.

Big Mon Enterprise Cloud can be deployed in either Out-of-Band mode, deployed adjacent to the production network and connecting to SPAN and TAP ports from the production network — OR — Inline Mode, deployed in the DMZ or extranetnet (production network).  In either implementation, the Big Mon controller serves as the single, central point of management for all deployed OOB and Inline switches and enables pervasive security and visibility for physical, virtual and container workloads for single, multi-site and cloud deployments.  Get the Datasheet.

Why Big Switch Networks from GCI

Network topologies evolve and GCI supports emerging technologies along with customer hybrid networks as they transition from legacy to leading edge technologies like those offered by Big Switch Networks.  You do not need to be locked in to just one network transformation path.  GCI supports new and emerging technologies that leverage the benefits of open, disaggregated networking, such as within SDN and SD-WAN environments with creative, hybrid options that deliver both functionality and attractive cost saving benefits.