Global Transformation & Implementation

Decades of successful services deployment experience to accelerate the velocity of your global rollout

The most successful IT implementations pay for themselves over time through streamlined productivity, enhanced capabilities, and an increased ability to respond to market opportunities. Global implementation often involves digital transformation initiatives migrating from legacy networks to transformed, target-state networks.

Whether you’re upgrading a single site or deploying a complex, multi-service global network, GCI offers comprehensive implementation services to ensure your success.

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Our Comprehensive Implementation Services

  • Custom scopes of work
  • Detailed deployment content
  • Tailored scope of work specifically for the customer’s end user network requirements
  • Deployment projects using Project Management Office (PMO) as the catalyst for effective implementation delivery and program oversight
  • Global Transformation programs delivered around the clock and can be a multi-lingual model
  • Governance driven approach to ensure customer requirements are achieved

Our Global Implementation or Transformation Program

To facilitate the global implementation of technology products, let GCI manage the IOR and/or EOR process. As part of a global implementation or transformation program, GCI can perform the following tasks on your behalf.

Facilitate Import/Export

Take necessary steps to facilitate the import/export of the IOR/EOR Goods as may be required by applicable local import, export and customs regulations and laws.

Ensure Clearance

Liaise with in-country clearance agents to ensure smooth clearance on a day-to-day basis, e.g. providing licensing information, permit numbers etc.

Documentation Retention

Retain all appropriate records and documents related to payments of duty, taxes and other government charges and complete and submit returns or reports as required by laws on time to the appropriate government agencies when required.

Maintain Licenses

Obtain and maintain all necessary import/export licenses and permits

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