Enterprise Mobility-WLAN

Global coverage for management of your wireless network

Whether the requirement is for wireless voice, data or video in a hospital, warehouse, corporate office or educational institution, GCI can enable your success. Our team of engineers is armed with certifications and expertise from multiple manufacturers to help you with your next project.

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GCI wireless core competencies span both indoor and outdoor networks and include:

  • Voice over Wireless
  • Passive and Active Assessments
  • Health checks
  • Design
  • Security and BYOD
  • RTLS and Location Services
  • Guest Access
  • Campus-wide Connectivity

Wireless Site Surveys & Assessments

To successfully support today’s mission-critical wireless applications, a proper design is imperative.  GCI has extensive experience in conducting assessments to ensure wireless performance and customer satisfaction.

We offer three basic types of wireless site surveys:

Network Design

For implementing a new wireless network, replacing old technology or an ad-hoc AP placement design

Post Installation

Performed as the final stage of a new wireless network implementation to verify coverage

Health Check

Designed to analyze existing wireless networks that are experiencing issues, or to identify performance gaps.

Wireless Network Services

GCI can help you plan, design, deploy and monitor your wireless network. Our team of certified wireless engineers follow a proven methodology to provide a comprehensive network design that will deliver capacity and performance.

Wireless Network Security

Today’s wireless networks need to be secure, not only to protect critical information but also to meet various government compliance requirements such as HIPAA and the Sarbanes-Oxley act. GCI’s certified engineers can provide complete wireless security audits and share security best practices ensuring customers are properly protected.

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