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Partnerships to Ensure Success

GCI partners with some of the top Original Equipment Manufacturers and technology organizations in the industry. We work closely with these OEMs to deliver the comprehensive solutions our customers leverage to support their businesses. By customizing our global services around architecture, implementation and managed services, we are truly a services-led solutions provider.

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Our Product Solutions Are Fully Integrated Around:

Our Product Solutions Are Fully Integrated Around:

  • GCI Day 0 Solutions

Architecture, Design, Product Acquisition, Logistics

  • GCI Day 1 Solutions

Configuration, Staging, Implementation

  • GCI Day 2 Solutions

Full Managed Services, Maintenance Services, Lifecycle Management Services

Global Advanced Services Programs for OEM Technology Partners

Logistics Solutions

Our OEM technology partners have one thing in common; they are all trying to create the best products and solutions possible to help end customers solve business problems. They should not have to create a logistics infrastructure to get their solutions to market and maintain those solutions. That's what GCI does best.

Custom Portfolio for Profitability

GCI offers a full range of services for our OEM partners, all designed to help you extend your reach in the channel. We've developed customized 'single point of contact' service packages to support OEM global maintenance programs. We've designed unique, hybrid programs capable of supporting complex, cutting-edge technologies as well as large, legacy networks and niche products. And, GCI can do this in 170+ countries around the world.

Additional Services

Global Spares and Parts Replacement

With 550+ spare depots, you will not have to spend valuable time waiting for spare and replacement parts. Our maintenance solutions team deliver onsite to your multi-vendor network environments.

4-Hour SLAs Worldwide

To compete globally, your customers need to rely on your ability to be where their product is globally!

In-Region Field Tech Support

Experience the ease of receiving tech support in your own language and country. We offer local support with international connections. Wherever your business operates, you can count on robust tech support.

Configuration to Order

We manage the receipt, inventory, configuration, testing, product templating, software integration and customized final build and assembly for technology products. Units are configured and tested in one of several GCI Configuration to Order facilities capable of delivering high volume, customized product integrations.

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