Global Spares & Parts Replacement

Reduce downtime by having the right parts and right engineers when you need them.

GCI’s 500 forward stocking locations maintain thousands of parts in stock, ensuring that your unique system configuration can be supported at a moment’s notice. Online tools enable us to manage inventory, returns, and delivery reporting seamlessly.

Need a little extra assurance? GCI can pre-stage your system configuration at our Network Assurance and Test Lab. This allows us to ‘kit’ the parts you need to our depots for hold and pick up by a local, on-site technician.

To facilitate the global implementation of technology products, let GCI manage the IOR and/or EOR process.

As part of a global implementation or transformation program, GCI can perform the following tasks on your behalf:

  • Take necessary steps to facilitate the import/export of the IOR/EOR Goods as may be required by applicable local import, export and customs regulations and laws
  • Liaise with in-country clearance agents to ensure smooth clearance on a day-to-day basis, e.g. providing licensing information, permit numbers, and so forth
  • Retain all appropriate records and documents related to payments of duty, taxes and other Government charges, and complete and submit returns or reports as required by laws on time to the appropriate government agencies when required
  • Obtain and maintain all necessary import/export licenses and permits

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